• General E commerce
  • Licensed pharmacies
  • Selected Tobacco Retailers
  • Travel services
  • Music business
  • Software sales
  • Electronic sales
  • MLM companies
  • Genuine designers discount stores
  • Vitamins
  • Debt consolidation
  • Various other goods and services

Products and Services

These are only some of the products and services we carry. Anything your company needs, we will get it to you at the best rate guaranteed.

- Offshore processing
- Internet gateway
- US merchant accounts
- 3rd party processing
- Credit card terminals
- Internet virtual terminals
- Cash advance $$$
- Medium & High risk Accounts

Types of business:

General E commerce, Licensed pharmacies, Selected Tobacco retailers, Replica sales, Travel services, Music business, Software sales, Electronic sales, MLM companies, Genuine designers discount stores, Vitamins, Debt consolidation, Various other good and services.

FAQs :

1)When do I get paid?
- US accounts can get paid next day
- Offshore accounts get paid in 48

2)What credit cards do we accept?
All major credit cards

3)How long before I know if I am approved?
48 hours from receiving your completed application.

4)How will I receive payment?
The bank which will do your processing will open you an account and will deposit directly into that account every 48 hours. There will be no hold on your money.

5)Is there a cap? (maximum monthly volume)
Most of our vendors have no cap as long as the account is in good standing.


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